I’m Peter

I believe This.

Words spark engagement and excite emotion.

Words put concepts in a nutshell.

Words shape behaviour.

The right words can change the world.

That’s why I am a writer.

High-quality copywriting

Write Business Words provides well-researched, high-quality copywriting for blogs, website pages, brochures, newsletters, videos and business proposals in Wollongong, the South Coast and beyond.


My Services

Creative Copywriting

Words are business assets. They describe your product, your brand, your reason for being. Words help build trust in new customers, reinforce commitment in staff and suppliers. We help you create the right words for websites, blogs, catalogues, in videos, annual reports, brochures and product descriptions.


Blog Articles

Blogs are like having an informal chat with a potential customer where you create rapport and engagement. Blogs establish your authority, drive traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings, positions you as a thought leader. A well-planned series of blogs is essential. We can help you with that.

Proposal Writing

Successful proposals map a customer’s needs onto the products and services you offer. It means getting inside the customer’s head and putting things in language that means something to them. We’ll help to analyse the need, express the need persuasively and write a proposal that meets that need.

Video Scripts

Videos are powerful tools. Nothing imparts a base level of understanding as quickly and forcefully as the combination of words, images, colour and movement. Videos trigger emotions in viewers, bypassing many of the mind’s rational filters to impart your message clearly and deeply.


Newsletters build an ongoing bond with prospects and customers. They are a vital part of direct marketing, inbound marketing and permission-based marketing. When newsletters present real information that people want, they build your reputation and trust levels. We are MailChimp champs – so let us help you plan a newsletter campaign.

Magazines & Brochures

Printed marketing and sales communication still play a critical role with many decision makers. Especially if you are a new entrant unknown to the customer, you’ll need the authority that printed sales materials offer. As part of a strategic communications plan, we recommend including some printed materials.

About Me

Good corporate writing is about understanding the world from the client’s point of view.  Years of business experience around the world have taught me the value of listening actively to my clients.

Being on-brief, on-time and on-budget is also essential.

I have been a TV producer, multi-media developer, corporate sales executive and a CEO. I have sold millions of dollars worth of projects, negotiated international deals and joint ventures, and in all these tasks, I have honed my skills with the written and spoken word to get to a “Yes” at the end of a pitch.

I offer you this accumulated skill and experience.

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